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The chasing world 2015

After returning to her original appearance as Mitsuko, Aki tells her that the two of them and all the girls are in a fictional world being observed by "someone" and that they will continue to hunt Mitsuko down and try to kill her while slaughtering the other girls unless Mitsuko, as the "main character", does something to change it. Action · A girl's life cascades into chaos as everyone around her suffers a gruesome fate while she herself becomes less and less certain of who she is and what kind of a world she lives in. An odd murder case that only targets persons with the family name "Sato" occurs in Japan. Meanwhile, high school student Tsubasa Sato winds up in a parallel world during a fight with a gangster. Everything seems almost the same, but his friends & classmates are somehow different from who they used to be. Tsubasa.

The Chasing World; Tag; Riaru Onigokko; No men in sight, only women and something unthinkable is girls killing girls! This is Sion Sono at his best and craziest! A film that depicts young women's fragile and sometimes dangerous emotional turbulence and their fear of being chased by the unknown. Female highs school. 24 Jul Tag is Japanese maverick director Sion Sono's third release of a scheduled six- film slate for , and it will probably end up the most intriguing and a whopping five-film franchise entitled The Chasing World — but Tag offers a major departure by relocating most of the story to a world solely populated by. 3 Aug The older "Chasing World" films offered OK small scale sci-fi action, directed by salaryman Issei Shibata at Geneon-U (he didn't work in film dept. originally). Not sure why Sono couldn't have grafted his worldview onto the reasonably solid gensaku Todd Brown • August 6, AM. Nothing blind.


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