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These mitigations require a combination of processor microcode updates from our OEM and motherboard partners, as well as running the current and fully up-to -date version of Windows. For Linux users, AMD recommended mitigations for GPZ Variant 2 were made available to our Linux partners and have been released to. 11 Jan Processor type and features > [*] /dev/cpu/microcode - microcode support [ ] Intel microcode patch loading support [*] AMD microcode patch loading support Device Drivers > Generic Driver Options (amd-ucode/ amd- ucode/ 6 days ago Installation. For AMD processors the microcode updates are available in linux- firmware, which is installed as part of the base system. No further action is needed. For Intel processors, install the intel-ucode package, and continue reading. Enabling Intel microcode - GRUB - EFI boot stub / EFI - LILO.

Please install the amdmicrocode package (for systems with AMD AMD64 processors), or the intel-microcode package (for systems with Intel processors). You will have to enable both contrib and non-free in /etc/apt/ Microcode  CPU Microcode - CPU microcode non-freeness - Microcode update support. Processor microcode firmware for AMD CPUs. This package contains microcode patches for all AMD AMD64 processors. AMD releases microcode patches to correct processor behavior as documented in the respective processor revision guides. For Intel processors, please refer to the intel-microcode package. 11 Apr AMD has released CPU microcode updates for processors affected by the Spectre variant 2 (CVE) vulnerability. The company has forwarded these microcode updates to PC and motherboard makers to include them in BIOS updates.

Disclaimer: All the microcodes below come only from official BIOS/UEFI updates, Intel/AMD Linux Microcode Updates, Linux Distributions, Windows Updates etc which were provided and made public by various manufacturers! It is always advised to request and/or wait for your OEM/OS to release newer fixes. 10 Apr The chipmaker releases microcode updates to contain a variant of Spectre. Also, Microsoft is releasing an update for Windows 11 Apr AMD has finally released the first microcode updates designed to protect users against the Spectre vulnerability present in the company's processors, three months after the flaw's public disclosure. Announced back in January following an earlier leak, Spectre is one of a family of attacks which leverage.


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